New Study: Social Ads Provide Much Needed Lift

You know those Facebook ads that say how many of your friends like the product (or is it the ad they liked. . . )? Turns out, they work.

Nielsen dissected the results from 79 Facebook campaigns and the graphic shows you what they found.

People who saw social ads had 55% greater recall than those who saw regular display ads.

And suddenly I feel like I’m in a fifties toothpaste commercial — 55% fewer cavities with Crest!

Joking aside, that’s a nice lift, much better than I would have thought. Of course, Nielsen warns that your mileage might vary but they’re pretty confident in their results.

Could New Twitter Brand Pages Lead to Tweet Commerce?

First there was e-commerce, then Facebook or FB-commerce and now AdAge is predicting Tweet Commerce in the near future.

It truly is a wondrous world we live in.

As of this past December, Twitter’s biggest advertisers were able to customize their Twitter profile page, turning it into a brand page, thusly.

Pretty, but other than the ability to pin posts to the top and change the decor, it’s not that far away from everyone else’s profile page.

AdAge says that Twitter has big plans in the works, to expand brand pages into a full-featured content page. That means adding apps for contests, coupons and even. . . yes. . . e-commerce. You will be able to buy your next pair of Nike’s and then Tweet about the sweet deal without ever leaving the page.

Why Apple’s New iPad is a Branding Home Run!

Like thousands of other tech geeks, I tuned in to catch yesterday’s announcement of the new iPad.

Notice it’s simply being called an iPad?

Not the iPad 3, not the iPad 2S, and not even the much rumored iPad HD. While that has led to some mockery by other tech bloggers, I’m here to explain why Apple has saved itself a ton of marketing headaches by simply calling the latest iteration of its tablet, iPad.

Actually, it might be easier to just demonstrate why this is such a good idea:

2013 = iPad 4
2014 = iPad 5
2015 = iPad 6
2025 = iPad 16!!!

Here’s Some Internet and Social Media Marketing Jobs If You Want Them

Each time we post about the jobs on our Job Board we are reminded just how blessed we all are to be in an industry that is in demand rather than one that is in the crapper.

Here are a few of the jobs that are listed for you, our brilliantly talented reader, to look at, drool over, scoff at or aggressively pursue. Here at Marketing Pilgrim you still have the freedom of choice to respond in whatever way “optimizes your site”, so to speak.

Here are some of the latest job listings for you to peruse. One interesting thing we are seeing are even fewer titles that mention interactive or social media. Is this because the lines have blurred enough that it is now accepted that if you are a marketer you will know interactive marketing as well?

B2B Marketing: What It’s Like in the Real World

There is plenty of information for marketers to consume on a daily basis and, quite honestly, it all starts to sound the same after a while. That’s a shame since many of the SEO fueled articles and posts of “How To’s” and “Here’s the Latest Theory Regarding (blank)” cover up real world lessons given by people who live this online marketing life every day and in very real situations. In fact, there are a lot of really good “How To” and “Top 5 This” content offerings that get lost in this noisy shuffle.

As part of our effort to bring our readers something a bit different we offer insight from someone who can talk about the real world delivery of marketing in the new media setting.

The New iPad and the Marketer

The new iPad and the Marketer. Sounds like the name of a modern fairytale but don’t expect a Cinderella story. The new iPad is faster, sharper and slightly more functional than its older sibling, but it’s not a huge breakthrough for marketers. What it is, is proof that tablets are going mainstream and can’t be ignored in your marketing plan.

The new iPad (they’re not calling it the iPad 3 for some reason) has a screen resolution that is unprecedented. CNET says it’s like watching HD TV for the first time. It not only tops all other tablets, but it even makes high-quality computer monitors look bad.

Apple has also upgraded the processing speed, which was already fast. I imagine the new iPad will anticipate what you want and deliver it before you can ask – seriously, that’s the only way I can see it being any faster.

Cosmopolitan Passes Digital Subscription Milestone

Print isn’t dead. . . yet, but we can start writing the obituary.

Cosmopolitan Magazine says they just hit 100,000 paid, digital subscribers and they did it at a higher price point than the print subscription. (Why digital and ebooks often cost more than the print version, I’ll never understand.)

Cosmo, the smart but still sexy magazine for women, also has more than 3 million print subscribers. In 2010, the VP of publishing said that the magazine sells “430,000 copies every month through Walmart alone.” Compared to that, digital is a drop in the virtual bucket, but it’s still a huge achievement.

Magazine and newspaper subscriptions have been a hard sell online and on mobile. It’s not about economics, it’s about psychology. We’ll drop $10 on a latte and muffin or $15 to see a movie, but we don’t want to pay $19.99 for a full year of a digital magazine.