Internet Marketers Be Counted! 2012 Industry Survey Starts Today

There is literally not one single day that doesn’t go by without someone finding some new information or releasing the latest findings in something or other. It’s a lot to take in and process.

How about a nice change of pace by being counted instead of talked at in the 2012 SEOmoz Industry Survey?

Our friends at SEOmoz last did this industry survey back in 2010 and as we all can attest to, much has happened since the last one. That’s why the 2012 survey is being rolled out and who better to contribute than our great readers?

You will need to set aside about 20 minutes to complete the survey but the folks at SEOmoz are making it worth your effort by giving participants a shot at winning stuff!

HubSpot and Facebook Team Up to Educate SMB’s [Sponsor Event]

By now you realize that HubSpot is the sponsor of our Inbound Marketing channel here at Marketing Pilgrim. We appreciate them recognizing that our audience is one that is the right fit for HubSpot’s innovative SaaS delivery of an inbound marketing platform.

If you haven’t checked out their myriad webinars and more that help educate marketers on the ins and outs of inbound marketing a new series might be the right time to get involved. It is called “Facebook for Business: Four Steps to Success”.

What makes this unique is that HubSpot is doing this series with Facebook themselves. Chris Luo is the head of Facebook’s SMB Marketing efforts and he will be presenting with HubSpot’s VP of Marketing Jeanne Hopkins. We think you might want to check it out. Sign up today!

CMO Guide to the Social Landscape [Infographic]

We are suckers for an infographic chock full of information aimed at CMO’s. The 2012 CMO’s Guide to the Social Landscape does just that. We often mock the CMO for their seemingly disconnected existence from the social landscape. We also get a little shiver when we hear that those who climb to the top of the marketing food chain stay there only an average of some 23 or so months. I have said in the past it’s like CMO’s climb a burning rope to the top. What they used to get there is often already being replaced by newer more efficient (and yes cooler) communication channels. Remember, though, it’s not about technology, it’s about communication.

So click through to enjoy the chart. Let us know if you agree or disagree as well. That’s always fun.

YouTube Helps You Get Stable With Your Videos

YouTube announced on their blog that they have made an addition to the YouTube Video Editor that will do some pretty neat clean up on an otherwise difficult to watch video.

If you upload a video that’s shaky or dark, we’ll automatically offer to fix it for you, creating an updated version of your video on YouTube.

When you upload a video that could use a fixup, you’ll see a notification bar on the Upload page and in your Video Manager. Click the button to fix it, and you’ll see a side by side preview to decide if you want to accept the edits.

Of course there are videos to explain this new feature and a couple to demo it as well. First the explanation of making video less shaky.

Twitter Expands the Boundaries for Promoted Tweets

Every couple of months, Twitter inches slightly closer to their goal of becoming an advertising force in social media.

This week’s action was pushing Promoted Tweets out to the mobile apps. More importantly, they expanded who sees the ads and that’s great for marketers.

Previously, Promoted Tweets only showed up in your stream if you followed that brand. Now, advertisers can choose to show Tweets to anyone with similar interests.

The way I interpret this is, if I’m following Coca-Cola on Twitter, then Pepsi can choose to send me their Promoted Tweets.

Twitter says they decided to make this move because the response they got to their mobile testing was positive. Will it stay that way?

The New York Times: Will Less Equal More?

The New York Times recently cut their digital reader freebies in half. Previously, a person could read up to 20 online articles a month without having to subscribe. Now, once they hit 10 articles, they’ll have to subscribe in some way in order to access more.

Obviously, their hope is that this will increase their number of digital subscribers, because they really need them.

According to CNET, the Times has 454,000 digital subscribers, but more than half that number came on board just after the paywall went live. That means they’ve seen a slow down in subscriptions when numbers should be increasing with time.

Want to Lose Friends in Social Media? Be Political

What have you heard a million and one times in business? Don’t discuss religion or politics. Generally, that’s a good rule of thumb because it doesn’t take much to set off a firestorm if you have landed on the wrong side of a customer’s or prospect’s political or theological point of view.

It appears that the same applies for social media as well. Here in the US, we are about to enter what promises to be a very spirited election season as President Obama seeks to be re-elected while someone from the other side (as of now TBD) tries to knock him out of office. Needless to say, tempers are flaring and we are still a solid six months away from the election itself. I for one wish it were over right now but that’s beside the point.