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If you’re on the web daily, you’ve heard of Pinterest. You’ve probably heard about the crazy numbers they’re pulling in and the incredible growth.

Here’s a visual from an infographic published by Performancing:

Wow, it’s like Mount Everest climbing up into the clouds. Pretty amazing. But just because people visit the site, doesn’t mean it’s good for marketers.

So we move on to referral traffic, this one from Shareaholic:

Look at Pinterest and Twitter. In January, they were even Steven. In February, there’s Pinterest creeping past Twitter on its way to beating StumbleUpon.

Well, that settles it, right? Pinterest is great for marketers! Maybe, as long as you’re pitching to the right audience. Let’s go back to the Performancing infographic:

Pinterest is extremely female-oriented, sitting mostly in the 25-44 pocket. If that’s your audience, then by all means, jump in. Fashion, home decor, food, celebrities — it all looks good on Pinterest.

The site is designed for one-click sharing between folks and more companies are using Pin It buttons on their websites in order to making Pinning a snap.

So, it’s visual, female oriented, easy to use. Pinterest has traffic and tremendous growth and people are starting to click the links. The only thing we don’t know is, does Pinterest convert?

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Remember the haydays of StumbleUpon where you’d wake up to a mammoth spike in traffic from a page that rose to the top of the rotation? Nice to see on the analytics, but generally the traffic from SU hits, leaves right away and doesn’t stop to buy or read. Is Pinterest delivering the same kind of referral traffic or will it convert? If you’ve got numbers or even just thoughts on this, let me know in the comments below.

Want to see the full Pinterest Infographic? Click here to visit Performancing.

  • Theresa

    I told someone that this was the path it was going to take a full month ago. The trick is you have to give the pinterest folks information if you want them to come to your website. If your site is hire me to do this for you; but you give nothing to invite them; you will not be pinned.

  • Hi Cynthia! Very good information you have given in your post. But how is it so possible to climb the traffic graph like climbing the Mount Everest? Your statistics information also quite impressive to me. Thanks.