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“Untangling the Social Web” is a multi-part whitepaper from Integer that attempts to quantify the relationship between social media and business. They just released “Part 3, Social Networking Personas: A Look at Consumer and Shopper Mind-Sets” and it’s loaded with information that can help you sharpen your social media efforts.

The basis of the report is that social media users can be dived into four types: The Bonder, The Sharer, The Professional and The Creator.

Each type comes to social media for a different reason and thus responds to brands in different ways.

The Bonder uses social media to locate old friends and keep in touch with family. Typically, she’s a femle, under 40, and 63% are employed. For her, it’s all about the relationships. She’s checking Facebook first thing in the morning and often throughout the day so she’s always there to support a friend having a bad day or cheer for a cousin who got a promotion.

The Professional is also usually a woman under 40 but 75% are employed and they’re all on the go, go, go. Because of her busy life, she first hits the social media sites later in the day. She also spends less time per visit, preferring to share important and helpful information rather than idle chat.

Social Shopping

When it comes to social shopping, the Professional is interested in quality and the latest trends. 80% of Pros said they engage with brands for perks, but that doesn’t mean coupons. They want the inside track. They want answers to questions.

The Bonder likes deals. She also depends on the comments of friends and family to help her make purchase decisions. 41% of her brand interactions are with food and grocery businesses. If she finds a good deal, she’ll share the information with everyone in her circle.

As you can see, there’s a lot of information packed into this report. I’ve only touched on two of the types and for each of the four, Integer has assembled two large infographics detailing their social media habits and their social shopping habits.

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Take a few minutes to review the full whitepaper (it’s free!) Think about your customers and which of the four types suits them best. Then, take a look at your social media posts over the last few weeks. Are you speaking to your audience? If not, it’s time for a new plan.

If you’d like to review the first two parts of the study, you’ll find the links here.

  • Me, I spend 6 hours in Social Networking Site for our business. The Internet is a big help for us to increase our sales and get more customers.

  • I think it’s possible that the personas can overlap, which makes it more difficult for brands to determine which category their target audience falls into. Social media usage can vary depending on many factors. It’s hard to pigeonhole people in one way or another.