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Is Pinterest the next Facebook?

Fortune magazine is asking the question in their April issue, but they’re not the first one’s to consider it.

The graphically-oriented social media site is gaining popularity faster than a studio-made teen idol. People, particularly young women, are signing up in droves and if we could hear them, they’d probably be shrieking with joy.

Here are a few comments from Twitter:

people ask me how I know @pinterest is here to stay…I think – I’m having a bad night and Ill want to do is go pin/look at pins

Wife occupied for hours while I watch basketball. Thank you Pinterest…whatever you are.

And not complementary but says it:

It’s not until you click into the “Popular” section that you glimpse the Winnie The Pooh sweatshirt-wearing nightmare that is @pinterest.

Pinterest is the internet version of a box of chocolates. Got that. But is it powerful enough to become the next Facebook?

Look at these numbers from comScore:

Pinterest is rising fast, but popularity comes with a set of unique problems. One is capacity. Keeping the servers up during a sudden, unexpected traffic deluge can be tricky. People will only stand for so many outages before they say good-bye.

Next, there are the legal issues. Pinterests entire business is based on people posting photos they don’t own. It’s not a photo hosting site like Flickr. It’s a virtual scrapbook and some content owners don’t like it.

Mostly, there’s the novelty factor. Right now, Pinterest is a fun, new place to play. It doesn’t take much effort to pin a photo and even less to repin. Tumblr has a similar system, but their site is still more about photo-blogging. Pinterest is more like taking a stroll through a museum.

There are no games. There are no rewards. There’s limited text space and it’s not really informative. As much as I dislike Facebook, I learn something about somebody every time I visit. When I visit Pinterest, I get overwhelmed by the clutter.  It’s hoarder heaven.

I’m sure the site will grow and change with time. Eventually, the rise in traffic will cease and as with all social media sites, it will have a loyal core audience sitting on top of 1,000’s of abandoned accounts.

Will Pinterest become the next Facebook? I say the next Twitter but Facebook has nothing to worry about.

Do you pin?

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  • Pinterest will probably be around for a while, but to think it’s a Facebook is absurd. It does not have the interactivity, connectedness, and underlying platform to hold and monetize users at all.
    It’s StumbleUpon 2.0, which is still pretty cool, but NOT Facebook.
    Just for the record; I can’t stand Facebook, but I do appreciate the things that it executes on and they’re pretty formidable.

    • I don’t think Pinterest wants to be the next Facebook. For the record, I’m an avid FBer and Pinner. Each has a place, its own strengths and weaknesses, and its own special appeal. The legal issue with Pinterest is a serious concern only if the image is being pinned from someplace other than the original site…which is fairly likely. My concern is that the platform is so appealing to marketers that we may eventually overwhelm it…undermining its original intent.