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I have a confession to make. I often start my day by reading my email on my iPad before getting out of bed. It gives me a chance to skim for important messages, clean out the garbage before it hits my PC and read the news before my brain gets too cluttered.

Those people who specialize in making your day more Zen would probably have a fit over the concept, but it’s working for me.

Mobile in bed is also working for 67% of the people who responded to a new study by InMobi. As for the 19% of people using mobile in the bathroom. . . we won’t discuss that.

These facts, and the full infographic, come from the first wave of results from InMobi’s Mobile Media Consumption research. The plan is to continue collecting data on mobile usage from 18 countries in order to chart how mobile changes the way we go about doing what we do.

One change we’ll likely see is a steady rise in these percentages. Mobile Everywhere is coming thanks to a combination of lower priced hardware, more apps and more access points (public WiFi, 4G, etc.).

The shopping number is sure to shoot up. I’m surprised that it’s as low as it is because 76% of those surveyed said they plan to conduct mCommerce activities within the next year.

48% of people also said that mobile advertising had a greater impact on their purchasing decisions than the web or TV. Mobile usage also topped TV usage 117 minutes to 98 minutes on average. Computers still took up most of the media time but not by much. It came in at 140 minutes per day. Sadly, reading a book only captured 33 minutes of an average day.

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