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The new iPad and the Marketer. Sounds like the name of a modern fairytale but don’t expect a Cinderella story. The new iPad is faster, sharper and slightly more functional than its older sibling, but it’s not a huge breakthrough for marketers. What it is, is proof that tablets are going mainstream and can’t be ignored in your marketing plan.

The new iPad (they’re not calling it the iPad 3 for some reason) has a screen resolution that is unprecedented. CNET says it’s like watching HD TV for the first time. It not only tops all other tablets, but it even makes high-quality computer monitors look bad.

Apple has also upgraded the processing speed, which was already fast. I imagine the new iPad will anticipate what you want and deliver it before you can ask – seriously, that’s the only way I can see it being any faster.

The camera has also been upgraded which is good news if you’d like to use your iPad to record videos or shoot products for your website.

The only new feature is dictation mode which allows you to write emails and other notes simply by talking. For those who have trouble getting the hang of the iPad keyboard, this could be very useful.

Useful is the word that connects the iPad and the marketer. Having one isn’t going to make your profits soar, but it might make your life a little easier. Like a smartphone, the iPad gives you easy, mobile access to your email, calendars and task lists. But the iPad is more conducive to reading and long browsing sessions. Because of that, you may find yourself checking up on your business more often, reading the latest industry news and scoping out the competition. So in that way, it can make you better at what you do.

The new tablet will go on sale March 16 at the same price points as the iPad 2. That means $499.00 on the low end and up to $829.00 for the max storage and 4G.

Will you be buying a new iPad this month?