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Like thousands of other tech geeks, I tuned in to catch yesterday’s announcement of the new iPad.

Notice it’s simply being called an iPad?

Not the iPad 3, not the iPad 2S, and not even the much rumored iPad HD. While that has led to some mockery by other tech bloggers, I’m here to explain why Apple has saved itself a ton of marketing headaches by simply calling the latest iteration of its tablet, iPad.

Actually, it might be easier to just demonstrate why this is such a good idea:

2013 = iPad 4
2014 = iPad 5
2015 = iPad 6
2025 = iPad 16!!!

See what I mean? If Apple had continued down this branding path, it would have soon gotten to the land of naming insanity. Who wants to own a device call the “iPad 16?” By naming the new iPad just that, an iPad, Apple has saved itself from years of frustration. Better to make the change early, than look foolish for waiting until the iPad 8 or 9.

It’s a branding change that is in line with other PC and Mac computers. Let me ask you this? Do you own a Macbook Pro 5 or simply a Macbook Pro? Personal computers don’t follow the previous numbering convention used by the iPad, so it makes sense to ditch it for what is likely to become the future of personal computing.

So what about the confusion with the two previous iPads? None whatsoever! I believe we’ll simply refer to the previous iPads as the “first” and “second” generation iPad, while referring to the current offering as the third generation. That’s a much better approach when it comes to branding.

Lastly, I strongly believe this new direction in naming will soon apply to your iPhone. Don’t expect to see an iPhone 5 anytime soon. Instead, it will simply be called “iPhone” and critics will debate which generation of iPhone it is. 😉

  • And there is the added bonus that all listings will be called the [“new” iPad].
    Thus you can use that year after year – “got the new iPad”, “New iPad $549.99”, etc.

  • Tom

    Not sure you’ve understood it. They’ve called it the New iPad not just iPad. If they had done that then people would get it, its the New bit that people thunk is stupid.