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If you’ve ever thought of advertising execs as naked, glistening, sword-wielding gladiators, then have I got a show for you.

AMC’s The Pitch is like Mad Men but without the cool clothes. each week, the series follows two real-life agencies as they meet, brainstorm, create and pitch their campaign concept hoping to win the big client.

In the first episode, which airs tonight, April 30, at 9, mid-size agency McKinny goes up against “envelope-pushing” WDCW on a campaign for Subway. The sandwich shop wants to convince millennials to buy their breakfast at Subway and that’s a tall order.

McKinny, smartly, brings in some young guns of their own and invites them to compete against each other. They come up with animated sandwiches and a rap music video.

WDCW goes with the popular zombie theme, “zAMbies,” creatures who are suffering from boring breakfast syndrome.

Who will get the gig? You’ll have to tune in and find out.

The Pitch has the potential to be entertaining for the masses and inspiring for marketers at all levels. Each episode is a mini-lesson in campaign creation and pitching and if nothing else, it will remind you of how important it is to reach for the stars with every grab.

On the downside, the show is insanely dramatic. The editing, the straight to camera confessionals, the staging, all make it look as if these people are negotiating the fate of the world. When the guy from WDWC says that it’s like stepping into the gladiator arena he really means it. That’s both sad and funny at the same time.

Before you dive too far into your work week, sit down and enjoy AMC’s The Pitch. Even if you don’t learn anything, you’ll enjoy watching these ad men knock themselves out trying to land that big whale.

The Pitch airs Mondays at 9 pm (or 10 according to the trailer) on AMC.