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Depending on your half full / half empty point of view, a 5% increase in mobile activity is good / not that great.

comScore’s latest report shows that 49.5% of mobile subscribers downloaded apps in the past ninety days. That’s an increase of 4.6% over the three month average from late last year. (Check out the chart for specifics.)

But considering the constant barrage of new apps in the market, and Google’s new push with Google Play, I would have thought the number would be higher.

Then again, given that we’re looking at only about half a year’s time, a near 5% jump isn’t that bad. And, as you can see, there was an increase in all types of mobile activity including playing games and social networking.

Even more important? That jump in browser usage. Nearly half of all mobile users are going online with their phones. What happens when they come across your website? Will it deliver or fall short?

Most of the rise in usage is likely the result in a rise in smartphone ownership. comScore says that currently there are 234 million Americans using mobile phones. Over 104 million of them are using smartphones. That’s up 14% from the November 2011 report.

That number is going to keep climbing which means browser use and app downloads will keep rising, too.

Android is leading the pack, just cracking the 50% mark, that’s up 17% over last year. Apple came in second with 30.2% of the market.

104 million US citizens with smartphones in their pockets, folks. That’s an audience you can’t afford to ignore. What are you doing to meet the mobile demand?