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InMobi just released their Mobile Insights Report for Q1 2012 and they declared Apple the winner!

Now, before you get on me about my obvious bias (yes, I’ve seen the comments and emails), let’s set this data straight.

The report shows that iOS picked up 37% of all impressions coming in on InMobi’s network. Android’s no slacker though, as they pulled 34%. It’s RIM who was left in the dust with only 7%.

The chart to the right is a part of their Feb, 2012 infographic and shows a comparison to Nov 2011. There, you can plainly see Apple’s rise to the top, but there’s a little more to the story.

Anne Frisbie, Vice President and Managing Director, North America, InMobi, says:

“Apple maintained its lead over Android and further increased its share of impressions and handset dominance; the new iPad certainly helped its overall position.  However, we know that fierce competition is created across the operating systems when new devices enter the market and this time last year Android surpassed iOS globally.”

From that, we can infer that iPad impressions were counted as part of the total percentage for iOS. Given the sudden rush of iPad sales, it’s easy to see how that would elevate Apple above Android. But if you’re comparing smartphone to smartphone, the numbers probably wouldn’t come out the same.

Also, InMobi only counted impressions from their consumers, but they have 578 Million of them, so I think it’s a pretty good sampling.

Overall, InMobi found that mobile ad impressions are on the rise. They went from 36.1 billion in November 2011 to 57 billion in February 2012. Whether you’re an Apple fan or an Android lover, I think we can all agree that’s good news.