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You’re probably thinking “What’s up with the baseball and social media” theme of the last two days? That’s cool. While I am a HUGE baseball fan there are some bigger ideas wrapped around the idea of social media and its ability to add a new and dynamic dimension to a game that many have put behind football as the most important sport in America. That and the fact that there are very big marketing dollars involved.

The infographic you will see when you click through to the full post, which comes from social agency Banyan Branch, is taking a look at some of the social media numbers around players and teams in Major League Baseball. Take a look for yourself.

The most interesting is that the San Francisco Giants are the most active team on social media. It makes sense since the Bay Area is home to the Internet, and in particular, social media heavies like Twitter, Facebook and Google (yes I did put Google in as a social media heavy). Seattle, another Internet hotbed, was second.

Maybe they are using social media more because they have to work harder to keep their fan base interested? Why would I say that? Well, the most liked teams come from the traditional baseball strongholds of the Northeastern US. The Yankees and Red Sox are the most liked teams by far with the Philadelphia Phillies having the largest Twitter following eclipsing even the mighty New York Yankees.

So why are we even looking at this? It’s because sports marketing is huge business. It works. Now with social media breathing new life into what many once felt was an antiquated game, the advertising opportunities to reach rabid and loyal fan bases is even greater than ever.

One thing that Internet marketing makes abundantly clear is that with new opportunities to reach new or existing markets springing up anywhere and everywhere it doesn’t matter what you think about anything personally. Maybe you don’t like baseball or simply don’t get it. So what, Mr. or Mrs. Marketer. Your opinion means nothing. If your audience is there and it provides a possibly unique way to engage with them you better find a way to understand the game, get in it and reach your target.

Are you thinking about sports marketing in general in a different manner when you see the social interaction that is taking place? Is there value there for your company? If you can’t afford to do this with the big leagues what about your local teams? Have you ever considered the fan base of such teams as the Durham Bulls or the Richmond Flying Squirrels (yes that is a real team and they work hard at the social side).

Give us your thoughts on marketing your product and services through sports. Are you in the game or on the sidelines (or in the dugout)?

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    what about the MLB Fan Cave!