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Nearly half of all consumers surveyed said they’ve purchased from a brand that supports a cause on at least a monthly basis. This represents a 47% increase since 2010. Clearly, cause-related shopping is in.

The 2012 Edelman goodpurpose study is an extensive look at the relationship between consumers, brands and causes. If you’re even thinking about hitching your company’s wagon to a cause, you should take the time to review all sections of the report.

If your not considering the idea, you should keep on reading right here.

The Edelman study shows that, due to the economic crisis, US citizens are cutting down on direct contributions to charity. At the same time, the US is the only country who largely believes that it’s the people, not the government who are responsible for conquering the problems of the world.

Carol Cone, global practice chair, Business + Social Purpose for Edelman said in a press release:

“The tension of this paradox spells significant opportunity for marketers. While U.S. consumers currently have less time and money to put towards societal issues, they still feel they’re most responsible to help.  Brands and corporations can ease the burden for consumers by making involvement in social issues easier and more aligned with the core needs they face today – jobs, hunger, education and healthcare.”

In addition to purchase power, consumers said they were more willing to support a brand with a cause with positive word of mouth and brand loyalty.

When it comes to cause-shopping, simply donating a portion of the company profits isn’t enough. Consumers want to see companies fully immersed in making the world a better place.

  • 56 percent believe CEOs need to create innovative products that are socially responsible
  • 55 percent believe CEOs need to make a long-term commitment to address societal issues
  • 55 percent believe CEOs need to publicly support societal issues
  • 52 percent believe CEOs need to motivate employees to take part in societal issues

In other words, simply joining a cause for the sake of a marketing campaign won’t work. Consumers know when your heart isn’t in it and they’ll not only walk away, they’ll take their friends with them.

In the study, 44% of global consumers said that compared to five years ago, they now have more power and influence to make a difference.  Are you doing your part?

Learn more about cause-related marketing at the Edelman goodpurpose website.