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Do you still blog on behalf of your company? If you do, you’re part of a dying breed. According to a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth report, corporate blogging is on the decline.

Of the companies they surveyed, only 37% were blogging in 2011. That’s down from 50% in 2010. If you look only at Fortune 500 companies, the percentage drops to 23%.

Why are corporate blogs falling out of favor? USA Today says, mostly because Facebook and Twitter are so much easier to manage.

Keeping up a blog is a lot harder than people think. I’ve dealt with dozens of clients who jump in with grand plans of updating every day! They soon learn that updating even once a week is a chore. It’s amazing how quickly seven days pass when you need to come up with a fresh blog post.

Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are perfect for “drive-by” posting. A single line of text, a photo, a question and that’s all you need to keep the lights on. Just remember that if you want your social media outlets to benefit you, you have to do more than just keep the lights on. You have to provide meaningful content that engages your audience. In that respect, it’s just as hard as blogging, but most people don’t see it that way.

What blogs give you that you don’t get with social media, is a chance to communicate without all the noise. On Facebook, you’re one of a dozen posts competing for instant attention. An hour later, you’re off the front page and forgotten.

A blog post is evergreen. There’s no rush here. If you’re doing it right, your posts will show up when someone searches the proper terms on Google. They’ll find your information when they need your information and that’s more powerful than a drive-by.

Common wisdom states at a company blog shouldn’t be all about the company but if you look at the blogs dedicated to Google, Twitter, and Dell, you’ll see that’s not true. People visit your blog to learn about your new products, how to use them and what’s on the horizon. Don’t disappoint.

Blogging can be an important piece in the marketing puzzle. It does take time and thought but then again, so should everything you put out there on behalf of your company.

Does your company have a blog or have you given it up in favor of social media?