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If you were to only read about the actions of the European Commission (that are driven by the likes of or that of the latest headline hungry DC politico regarding what Google represents, you would most certainly think that Google is truly trying to do evil.

Well, let’s take a look at the people that actually use technology to help them live their lives rather than as a political wedge for personal gain. Guess what a recent study by the Washington Post and ABC News found. People, that’s right, actual people and not politicians or slimy business opportunists, find Google to be almost beyond reproach. I’m not saying that is good but it sure is contrary to how politicians position the company. Here’s the results

It’s interesting to see one of the most vilified companies in the world (by the tech press and the insiders’ club) basically crush Facebook and Twitter with regard to the consumers’ level of popularity which is just another word for trust.

Have you noticed that all we see from the “insiders” of the tech world are the claims of deviant and evil behavior where Google plays fast and loose with users’ privacy and does whatever it can to make it impossible for fair competition to take place. Well, this kind of result coming from end users shows that either the people aren’t paying attention (very probable), don’t care (even more probable) or don’t see Google as trouble for them but rather as help for them (most probable).

Combine this general feeling of Google being a good thing with the Google Haters Fan Club seeing the only way to compete is through the legal and political systems (albeit incredibly ineffectively) and you have quite a dichotomy regarding Google. Funny thing is that in this case the only one that should matter is the consumer because they trust Google even though they have plenty of options to get information elsewhere.

So how do you see this kind of data? Which side of the fence are you on? Do you think that Google is, in fact, doing evil or are they simply giving people what they want?