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Don’t Miss HubSpot’s Event With Facebook! [Sponsor Event]

On Wednesday April 25th, HubSpot continues its webinar series with Facebook called “Facebook for Business: 4 Steps to Success“.

If you missed the first installment last month, don’t worry. It’s available “on-demand” at HubSpot.

So why this webinar? Well, HubSpot is a great sponsor of our efforts here at Marketing Pilgrim so we’re partial, we admit that. But it is truly a unique moment Facebook is directly involved in presenting information to the SMB crowd. WHile it’s good to get e-books and the like from “experts”, you would be hard-pressed to find a better source for Facebook business information than, well, Facebook themselves!

Join Facebook’s Head of Global SMB Marketing Chris Luo and HubSPot’s VP of Marketing Jeanne Hopkins as they present “Connect to New Fans With Facebook Ads” at 1 pm EST on April 25th.


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