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The heated battle between Google and Facebook is more than whether Google+ can challenge Facebook in social or whether Facebook will trump Google in search somehow. Not to be mislead, these are two of the biggest fronts that these companies take hacks at each other each day for sure.

But while these products and services are being honed there is something happening between these two that could ultimately make the difference as to just how much advertisers are willing to spend with each media outlet. That something is analytics and measurement. Even little ol’ Aol recognizes this potential difference maker so it must be a big deal :-).

Both companies have announced their latest efforts to help companies understand just what they are getting from each dollar spent. In the end, the one that gives the best insight could very well be the one that wins this thing.

Google’s latest initiative is called Brand Activate. Here’s a video explaining what is taking place

With all initiatives like this, the clamor is one-sided since seeing this work in the real world will determine just how well Google has nailed it. As a result we’ll leave the guessing and prognosticating to others.

So what is Facebook’s entry into this? Well, it doesn’t seem quite as splashy but it is aimed at making the insight that a marketer gets into their Facebook efforts more than just clicks and impressions. As All Facebook reports

Facebook has announced that its advertising metrics will include new data points labeled actions, measuring how campaigns fulfilled specific marketing objectives.

The actions data will appear in Facebook’s ad manager tool, comparing how paid campaigns performed versus specific goals, such as usage of apps, credits spent, or page posts.

Here is a screenshot from the All Facebook post

The theory here is that marketers need to concentrate less on Likes and more on engagement. Well, it’s hard to argue with that one since anyone can go out and practically buy Likes but whether they impact the bottom line is another story.

So now that we are seeing the analytics game being stepped up what would you like to see as a marketer? How could these companies provide metrics that might influence how much more you spend with them since you can at least have a good idea of what your marketing dollar has bought?