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Today, April 16, is 4sqDay.

Did you forget to buy a gift for that special Foursquare special person in your life? No problem, Foursquare has a huge list of specials you can activate today including freebies, parties and chances to win big prizes.

Foursquare has a reason to celebrate. Even as statisticians everywhere say check-in programs don’t work, Foursquare says they have 20 million members and 2 billion check-ins over two years.

There’s no denying that they aren’t growing as fast as they used to, but as long as they maintain a large and loyal fan base, they’re better off than most. And even with interest fading, Foursquare has some heavy-hitters on their side including American Express, Bing and McDonalds.

It is amazing, and a little frightening, to see how people have embraced Foursquare. This whole concept of 4sqDay was started by fans, not the company itself. Now it’s grown into this massive, world-wide hootenanny with MeetUps scheduled in more than 1,700 cities. That’s crazy, right?

Facebook is the king of social media, but is there a national Facebook Day with prizes? There are Twitter parties, but not like this. And can we talk about the number of cities who have “officially” declared this 4sqDay? Do our politicians really have nothing better to do?

I suppose you could look at this as a kin to Small Business Saturday. It’s a great way to draw attention to local businesses and that’s a good thing all around. But where do you suppose Foursquare will be a year from now, or two years? Will they continue to hover around the 20 million mark? Will they find a way to revitalize and start growing the community? Or will they become a novelty that we look back on fondly, like 8-Track players and pet rocks?

I believe that Foursquare is good for business, now we just have to convince more consumers that it’s good for them, too.