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Google’s Adwords for video that has been in public beta for about 8 months. Now it is being rolled out for everyone which, in business terms, means the SMB’s of the world.

Video is getting a lot of attention lately from the sheer volume of minutes that people log to the number of ads being served. That’s all well and good but let’s not jump to the conclusion that it is effective for everyone as an advertising platform (although many will assume that it is, we can at least say that we said it). So without further ado take a look at the video from Google describing the video ad service from Google.

It will take a while for SMB’s to catch on en masse since many of them still don’t quite get the importance of video for their business. I guess that might not matter since many don’t get what they need to do for Internet marketing success for their own sites but they will buy Adwords in Google’s search engine.

In the end, though, as with any business it’s about conversions and if this program proves to generate business enough of the millions of small businesses will catch on to make it very lucrative for Google.

But what about creating the videos for these ads? Google just got out on the road last year to help small businesses get online AT ALL, as in getting a website etc. Will they wait the better part of a decade to help SMB’s figure out the video side? I sure hope not but that simply opens the door for the next wave of video mavens / ninjas / wizards etc etc. Great….just what we need.

Well, at least they are providing some guidance

Advertiser Playbook and support. To share best practices and tips on how video can be a core part of your business toolkit, we created a YouTube Advertiser Playbook. The Playbook covers everything from creating interesting content to promoting your video with ads. If you need help making a video, our My Business Story is a free tool you can use to create your first video. AdWords advertisers can also call our free phone support line, 866-2-GOOGLE, to get started with AdWords for video.

This next video is there to help get SMB’s fired up about the possibilities of video.

My prediction is that there will be a lot of noise from experts about what SMB’s should be doing with video. The result will be a lot of confused SMB’s who still can’t figure out search and social media. Then we all stand around and look at each other and wonder why the SMB’s of the world “don’t get it”, all the while discounting a crappy economy for the small guys and an overall crap business environment.

We’ve seen this movie and I would hate to see it again but I think we will. What’s your take?