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Today Google announced several improvements to existing services like click-to-download for mobile advertisers. Using language that is starting to sound very familiar to those who follow the search giant the new systems are meant to create a “holistic solution” for businesses looking to take advantage of the rapidly expanding mobile app world.

From the Google Mobile Ads blog

Mobile search is a powerful channel for businesses to engage with customers that are searching for them or for their application. Last year, we introduced improvements to click-to-download ads, and for publishers, launched Custom Search Ads for Mobile Apps. Today we’d like to share several new features that will make it even easier for AdWords advertisers to promote, track and monetize their mobile app. For the first time, businesses can use AdWords mobile search ads as a holistic solution to promote, monetize and track their app downloads.

Among the improvements are the mobile app extension

The Mobile App extension allows advertisers to append a mobile app download link to their search ads. With this extension, advertisers can promote their mobile app to users who may simply be searching for their brand, product or service.

The mobile app extension gives advertisers a new distribution channel for their mobile apps and users a new discovery medium. Beta participants saw a 6% lift in CTR for campaigns using Mobile App extensions, compared to control campaigns.

Other areas include improvements in the click-to-download which has been expanded to include a lot of information about your app. Take a look at the ad for QuickenLoans app. These are not just your blue average text ads are they?

Add to this the ability to track Android app downloads in Adwords and the ability to monetize your mobile app through customized search ads related to searches within an app and you do have a rather comprehensive package for the mobile set.

Google closed its post around this announcement with

Mobile apps represent a significant opportunity for businesses to reach their customers, and mobile search is an important channel to reach these customers. We’re looking forward to bringing new products in the coming year that will help businesses grow by promoting, tracking, and monetizing their mobile apps with Google.

As we watch Google move more and more toward the goal of being “beautiful” (I guess that’s the new thing that Vic Gundotra is pushing these days, right?) there is still the one nagging question that is asked by many “That’s nice, but will it all work as easily as things do with Apple?”

Do you think Google will ever get to that point? Will their various platforms become so cohesive and hiccup free that people will turn to Google and Android in greater numbers? What’s your thoughts?