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Google tests new things all the time. They have to in order to figure out the best way to deliver ads to visitors as well as the best way to get those visitors to engage in those ads so advertisers keep paying Google for the chance to be there.

Oftentimes these tests are minor and can go relatively unnoticed but this latest effort is pretty interesting and quite differnt, at least from my perspective.

Google is testing whether prospects will ask for more information via their Gmail account which is already filled in for the email address to be used for the offer. Similar tests have been running around building newsletter lists but this move to offers marks a different approach. Here is what it looks like

Google is testing this currently with Gmail account holders only but may expand it to anyone visiting I completed the offer (after changing the email address to my favorite junk mail address I use for stuff like this 🙂 ) and saw this response.

What I have not received yet is the offer in my email inbox which I find curious but it’s just a test, right?

So what do you think of this approach for deals and offers? Will people check it out? I will say that initially the visual change in the Adwords space is very noticeable and draws a visitors attention. As to how quickly people get used to seeing it and develop ad blindness to the technique, it’s anyone’s guess.