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OK, I admit it. I must look like a freakin’ hypocrite when it comes to Google+. I have complained that they are forcing it down our throats yet now, at this very moment, I am about to tell you about updates to the service.

For clarification, updates to the product are fine and need to be shared as such. Google forcing Google+ on everyone through every service at every chance is the trouble spot. I suspect that won’t help much but at least I said it.

So on to the Google+ updates. First, in the post on the Google blog there is mention of 170 million people having “upgraded’ to Google+. Not exactly sure what that means but most will only see the number and assume that Google+ is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. Google is also standing by its “simpler and more beautiful Google” mantra as well, which is their prerogative. But on to the improvements. Take a look here.

OK. It looks nice on the video but are people engaged enough on the network to really dig into and find these useful features?

Next, Google has updated the Navigation for the service.

All in all, there are improvements happening at Google+. Of course, these enhancements only make sense to those who are truly using the service and I find it hard to believe that there are 170 million true users at this point, hence Google’s careful wording in saying that that number has “upgraded” to the service.

Honestly, there isn’t much choice these days if you happen to open any new Google account, right? It’s interesting to note that in the article referenced in the previous link, Google was talking about 90 million people on Google+ in late January. So are we to believe that the user base of Google+ has nearly doubled in three short months? Is that just because it is a fantastic option for people outside of the tech world? Hmmmm.

What’s your take?