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Google has posted a laundry list of items that they attended to regarding search in March of this year. In fact the total list comes to 50 changes. You can read them all here at the Inside Search blog for Google.

Google calls these monthly posts started in December of last year “Search quality highlights” and they are indeed that. They are also one of the many ways that Google is trying to do a CYA with so many vultures hovering to try to get the search leader to be more transparent or else they will be seeing them in court. With the EU breathing down their neck because of the Microsoft led charge of the FairSearch efforts, Google is in need of looking as un-mysterious as possible.

The reports have ratcheted up in volume with the first report about November of 2011 having 10 updates, December 30 updates, January 17 updates, February 40 updates and now March with 50.

If these aggregated quality updates had been happening for years it would look a lot better for Google with regard to their level of transparency but you take what they give you, right?

I will say that there are benefits to the pressure that has been put on Google. By forcing them to be a bit more public one would hope that the company would try to be a bit more human as well. No more “algorithms first” approach to business so that they could actually improve by getting out from behind their computers more and actually talking to customers.

Along those lines, I received my first call as a small business guy from a Facebook rep yesterday along with a nice e-mail. I never get that from Google. All I get are mailings with coupons to hand out. Not quite the same.

Hey Google! Transparency is a very good thing. The next step is interaction. Are you ready to go there?