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Pinterest is the social network for women who love fashion, decorating and food. That’s why it’s the perfect home for McCormick’s new marketing campaign. They call it Spring Pin-Spiration.

The campaign challenges people to create a board with photos of dishes they made from at least five recipes from Photos must be properly tagged and finished boards have to be emailed to the company overseeing the contest. 25 winners will get a spring baking kit.

The results are lovely to look at and the use of Pinterest is perfect. On the downside, the contest rules were extremely hard to find and they don’t contain an “enter by” date. Since social is forever and the main post keeps getting repinned all over the site, there’s no way of knowing if the contest is currently open to new submissions.

The other problem is the tag they’re using. @McCormick Pin-spiration is not clickable, so you can’t see all of the entries simply by clicking on one. You have to search the term in the search box and that’s more effort than most will put out.

Actually, the entire campaign is a lot of work. 5 recipes made, photographed and posted is quite a bit. At the moment, it doesn’t appear that they have that many entries but it’s hard to tell after a quick search.

Get Pin-spired

Now it’s your turn to get Pin-spired. How can you use Pinterest to draw attention to your company?

1. It must be graphically oriented. You can post links to webpages, blogs, etc. But Pinterest is about photos. The more striking and colorful the better. Ask people to post their own photos highlighting use of your products or related activities. If you run an online store, challenge them to build a wish list for themselves or perhaps for Mom on Mother’s Day.

2. Less complicated, more entries. Make the rules as clear and simple as possible. The more steps you add, the less entries you’ll get.

3. Create a tag. Tags are the easiest way to monitor the flow of connected information on Pinterest.

4. Offer a prize. People will be more likely to post if there’s a prize at stake. Doesn’t have to be a trip to Hawaii. A small gift certificate or product from your store is enough to get the competitive spirit in gear.

Anyone can use Pinterest to promote their business but some will be more successful than others. In general, Pinterest appeals mostly to women. Fashion, home decor, cooking, travel, and crafts are most likely to get you noticed.

Are you using Pinterest to promote your business? We’d like to hear about it in the comments below.