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On Facebook, you follow a brand because you like it, but do you follow companies you like on LinkedIn? The B2B social network sure hopes so and they’re working to make those follow connections more meaningful.

This week, LinkedIn began rolling out two new products for marketers. The first is called Targeted Updates. This is the ability to send updates to only a specific portion of your follower list. New product announcements to buyers, software updates to users, job announcements to college grads who don’t already work for your company, etc.

To go along with this, they’ve launching Follower Statistics, a self-service look at who is sharing and engaging with your content.

Right now, these services are only available to the chose few, (Sound familiar?) but soon (?) they’ll be rolled out to the masses.

Both of these sound like pretty useful services, but I do wonder how many people would actually use them. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I use LinkedIn to follow people I am or have been associated with. I don’t think of it as a place to follow companies that interest me. Maybe I should. Maybe I’m missing out on some important information here.

Then again, I don’t think I’m the demographic LinkedIn is aimed at. If I ran a company that produced custom widgets, then it would be handy to follow all the companies I’d like to sell to in hopes that they’d follow me back. Then I could send their buyers updates whenever I have a widget sale, right? But is that how it really works?

I’m genuinely curious. How do you use LinkedIn? Is it a valuable part of your business routine? Do you use it to network? Do you use it to market your goods? Or is it just another social media time-waster that you could easily do without.