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Google Maps seems to have the edge in the maps game worldwide. Granted, there are plenty of competitors and there are many options for Internet users to get directions and business information but many go to Google because they are there anyway so why not?

Now, New York City, the place where Google made a monster real estate investment just a short while ago which will continue to bring more jobs to the city, has put together a way for tourists and NYC residents to not use Google (but thanks very much for the jobs and the tax money!).

NYC & Company has developed an iPhone app mapping New York City and giving lots of local data points that are usually reserved for other local players. If something like this happened in Anywhere, USA this might not be big news. But it is happening in NYC so its big news. Here is a look at the app from iTunes preview from a link on the site.

It’s just off the ground and has been created in conjunction with There is foursquare integration and deals data from the likes of Groupon and Living Social. There are filtering options which are promised to be improved over time as well.

It looks pretty cool. What I wonder is if there are more cities and towns out there looking to do their own stuff thus keeping the experience and the revenue closer to home rather than seeing t all shipped to Mountain View. If you are Google Maps this could be a disturbing trend, don’t you think?