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We talk about the need to make sure that marketing in the online space isn’t used as an end unto itself. It’s great theory but as it becomes more commonplace and there are successes to be paraded about, more and more marketers will take the advice and blur the lines between on and offline marketing.

Google Nederland has produced this video to show the impact of using YouTube to support TV advertising and the impact it can have. In this case the claim is an increase in net reach from between 9 – 12%. Granted, increased production costs are part of this equation but that’s just part of the new game of marketing via video.

This video explores this venture. It’s not my kind of thing personally but considering the target audience it makes sense.

Of course, this promotion may have had the success it did because of the market in which is was delivered. Will this work in the US? I have no idea but I do believe that marketers are going to need to experiment with more deals like this in order to cover their bases. The media consumption patterns of consumers are becoming less static and predictable as more options exist. If marketers aren’t in more places and drawing connections between brand messages in different venues they could be leaving sales on the table.

Have you seen any strong uses of video that have enhanced and even boosted the performance of TV campaigns? WIll this become more of the norm or is it just for certain marketers and not for others?

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