When it Comes to Sharing, Email Still Rules

When we think about sharing content, we usually think of Facebook and Twitter. Just take a look to the left of this post and you’ll see a pretty typical display of one-click buttons for all of the major social networks.

So, would it surprise you to know that more people share by email than by Facebook?

That’s the result ExactTarget got when they surveyed folks for their 2012 Channel Preference Survey.

When you combine the age brackets, 63% of people use email to share content and only 33% say they put it on Facebook. Only 5% on Twitter.

The only time social media rules is with the 15-17 age group, so keep that in mind if this is your target audience. For everyone else, it looks like it’s time to revisit email as part of your marketing campaign.

Second-Screen Branding: The Future of TV Advertising

Yesterday, I went to Walgreens. It’s not my first choice for drugstores, but I figured I’d give it a try. Why? Because last Sunday, I spent three hours watching a Walgreens challenge on Celebrity Apprentice. The celebs had to make a presentation for the new Walk with Walgreens program and it was all over my second screen app.

Walgreens was drilled into my brain and I liked it because I was watching a fun show on TV and playing a game on my iPad. Yes, I’m a walking, talking example of how second-screen branding works. At least I’m not alone.

Marketing Pilgrim’s On Easter Break

We here at Marketing Pilgrim will be taking a few days off to celebrate Easter.

If you would like to get an idea of what Easter is (aside from egg hunts and baskets) you can take a look at this video.

We hope that you have a great Easter. We will see you again on Monday.

Which Retailer Is the Most Relevant? Amazon!

What retailer, would you say, is the most dependable? Reflects your personal values? Is a store you’re proud to mention to your friends?

Brodeur Partners asked 2,000 shoppers these questions and Amazon came out on top again and again. They even scored in the top two for “sensory relevance,” which deals with a store’s atmosphere and appeal. Yes, the store that doesn’t even have a “store” came in second behind Target.

Here are the top ten stores:

Jerry Johnson, Brodeur’s executive vice president of strategic planning said in a press release,

“The case of Amazon.com highlights the incredible power of e-commerce in the retail world of today. It shows how technology can move a retailer from specialty online bookstore to one that people view as more practical and value-driven than Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer.”

Roadblocks to Innovation: How to Keep Moving Forward in Business

Kraft has been making cheese since the early 1920’s. They’re a well-respected brand and a leader in the business. Still, they can’t simply rest on their laurels. They have to keep coming up with new products, like Fresh Take. This product creates a crunchy, flavorful cheese and crumb coating with almost no mess. The secret is their dual bag that magically zips open to become a mixing bowl and crumb shaker. Kraft took a kitchen chore (breading meats) and turned it into a fast and easy option for dinner.

Innovation is necessary if a company wants to grow, but it’s one of the hardest elements of running a business. Particularly when you’ve been around as long as Kraft has. It’s hard because innovation is a creative process and our days are generally anti-creative for a variety of reasons.

Google Offers SMB Mobile Site Free For One Year

Yesterday, I asked you what smartphone users would see when they accessed your website through their phone. Does it deliver or does it fall short?

If you chose the second answer, have I got a deal for you. Google Mobile (aka GoMo) has teamed up with DudaMobile to help small businesses set up mobile-friendly websites.

The step-by-step system automatically converts your current website to mobile. Then it allows you to add important touches such as click-to-call, mobile maps and Adsense.

Obviously, this only works with sites that are light on the bells and whistles. Flash and e-commerce won’t translate but it’s an excellent opportunity for the small business owner who needs to get the basics to customers. To add to the incentive, they’re even going to host your mobile site for free for one year.

One Quarter of World’s Households Now Have Wi-Fi

If you need more evidence to convince those few holdouts in your company, some data from a survey conducted by Strategy Analytics drives home the fact that more and more people are accessing the Internet through a home wi-fi connection.

PCWorld reports

A total of 439 million households around the world had installed a Wi-Fi-based home network at the end of 2011, equivalent to 25 percent of all households, according to market research company Strategy Analytics.

South Korea, where broadband networks are almost ubiquitous, had the highest Wi-Fi household penetration in the world in 2011, with just over 80 percent, Strategy Analytics said.

Other countries with high penetration of Wi-Fi networks in the home include the U.K., France and Germany. In all those countries more than 70 percent of households have a Wi-Fi network, with the U.K. edging out the other two at 73.3 percent.