Study: 60% of Marketers Use At Least 5 Tools to Execute Marketing Campaigns

Marketing has never been that easy.

Before the days of the Internet, marketers had to become adept at what I’ll call “The Marketing Two Step”. That’s where you would get into a meeting and someone would ask “So what has this campaign done for our business?” At this point the marketing professional started a vaudevillian like routine talking about eyeballs and mind share and how it all likely connected to the bottom line if you really thought about it. Ba-doom! followed by a cymbal crash.

Today, in the world of the Internet where everything can be measured out the ying-yang, it’s not much easier. Why? Because in order to get the information that people come to expect from marketing campaigns, there needs to be ability to juggle multiple tools in order to get the data. At least that’s how most marketers see it these days based on a study done by PointRoll and Kelton Research as reported by eMarketer. Take a look at the number of tools the average marketer uses to execute a campaign.

Apple Takes a Bigger Bite Out of Mobile Impressions – Maybe

InMobi just released their Mobile Insights Report for Q1 2012 and they declared Apple the winner!

Now, before you get on me about my obvious bias (yes, I’ve seen the comments and emails), let’s set this data straight.

The report shows that iOS picked up 37% of all impressions coming in on InMobi’s network. Android’s no slacker though, as they pulled 34%. It’s RIM who was left in the dust with only 7%.

The chart to the right is a part of their Feb, 2012 infographic and shows a comparison to Nov 2011. There, you can plainly see Apple’s rise to the top, but there’s a little more to the story.

Anne Frisbie, Vice President and Managing Director, North America, InMobi, says:

Explaining Google Search in Under 8 Minutes

This video comes from Google’s Matt Cutts and attempts to answer a pretty big question in a very short period of time.

Part history lesson, part education in the indexing process and pretty well done, it’s worth a look. Of course, if you are a “rock star ninja maven master guru ” of the search world you may find this beneath you. Oh well! For those who want to take a look, enjoy.

Google’s Adwords for Video Targets the Masses

Google’s Adwords for video that has been in public beta for about 8 months. Now it is being rolled out for everyone which, in business terms, means the SMB’s of the world.

Video is getting a lot of attention lately from the sheer volume of minutes that people log to the number of ads being served. That’s all well and good but let’s not jump to the conclusion that it is effective for everyone as an advertising platform (although many will assume that it is, we can at least say that we said it). So without further ado take a look at the video from Google describing the video ad service from Google.

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On Wednesday April 25th, HubSpot continues its webinar series with Facebook called “Facebook for Business: 4 Steps to Success“.

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Google Crushes in Videos Viewed, Yet Hulu Serves More Video Ads?

Google and its video properties which includes the hands down leader in video delivery, YouTube, was head and shoulders above the crowd with regard to unique video viewers. As is the case from month to month and year after year Google is the place where the US Internet video crowd hangs out by a rather large markgin. comScore reported these new numbers for March of 2012.

Now, for a bit of a surprise. Hulu which has a lot less viewers manages to serve more video ads than Google’s properties. Mind you, the definition of the kind of ad being measured is a bit limited as “video ads include streaming-video advertising only and do not include other types of video monetization such as overlays,branded players, matching banner ads, etc“. It’s still interesting to look at though so here you go.

Google Continues to Trim Service Offerings

Larry Page is determined to make Google more streamlined. It looks like maybe Yahoo’s new CEO, Scott Thompson, has caught the same bug. Hey, it’s good to keep moving and not keep services around that are not performing or simply don’t have an audience. Unfortunately, there is the human side to this type of “spring cleaning”. Yahoo announced that thousands would be laid off as a result of their efforts but that’s not part of Google’s efforts thankfully.

So what exactly is Google up to? The official Google blog says

Over the last six months we’ve done a lot of spring cleaning—though it’s all happened out of season. Spring has now arrived and we’re ready to close or combine another round of products. Focus is crucial if we are to improve our execution. We have so many opportunities in front of us that without hard choices we risk doing too much and not having the impact we strive for.