Majority of Small Business Websites Are Missing Contact Information

In the past week I used the internet to find the address and directions to a hotel, the phone number of a local restaurant, and the email address of a blogger.

I failed on the first try, all three times.

Gone are the days when a potential customer would pop open the Yellow Pages or even call directory assistance for a phone number. One survey showed that 59% of consumers search Google for local business information at least once a month. What would they find if they were searching for you?

SMB DigitalScape took a look at 1 million SMB websites and here’s what they found:

  • 6 out of 10 SMB websites in the U.S. are missing either a local or toll-free telephone number on the home page to contact the business.

Facebook Advertising: Rates Go Up as Clicks Come Down

If you’re on a see-saw, you expect one side to go up while the other goes down. But when you’re paying for advertising. . . not so much. Still, that’s exactly what’s happening on Facebook says a new report from TBG Digital.

In the simplest terms, the average CPM rates on Facebook ads have risen 41% year over year. There was an initial, corresponding rise in click-throughs through Q3 of last year, but since then clicks have dropped off. In the US, the decline was 8%. France got hit the hardest with a 13% decline.

The reason for the drop? TBG blames it on the change in number of ads displayed per page. Facebook now shows up to 7 ads at a time, but statistically we know that only one will get clicked. Even I can do that math. Only 4 ads per page equals 1 in 4 chance of getting a click. 7 ads drops to 1 in 7.

Social Media Dust Up Highlights Interconnectedness of the Online Life

There is plenty of debate as to whether the actions of an employee online, in particular through social media, is the responsibility of their employer. To extend that concept, it is important to consider what impact an employee’s actions and statements on social media can do to their employer’s brand. A recent episode between an employee of PR firm Hill + Knowlton and a fellow journalist highlights these thoughts in ways that will make many folks shudder.

ZDNet reports

Mufadal Jiwaji works, or he did until today, as a graduate trainee at Public Relations firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies. He has been working there since January 2012 so hopefully he might have some idea by now of who H+K Strategies works with as partners and clients.

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Now Available by Platform

We are becoming an increasingly mobile online culture (for those who can afford to be) and social options like Twitter know that their own success lies in making sure marketers who will pay for advertising, will want to use their service to reach their audience. Twitter sees this more than most since they are still under fire to truly generate revenue that matches the expectations of many.

One way they can attract advertisers is to increase the level of control and they have done that with introducing the ability to choose which platforms advertisers can place Promoted Tweets. Here is a look at the choices.

Foursquare Fans Celebrate 4sqDay!

Today, April 16, is 4sqDay.

Did you forget to buy a gift for that special Foursquare special person in your life? No problem, Foursquare has a huge list of specials you can activate today including freebies, parties and chances to win big prizes.

Foursquare has a reason to celebrate. Even as statisticians everywhere say check-in programs don’t work, Foursquare says they have 20 million members and 2 billion check-ins over two years.

There’s no denying that they aren’t growing as fast as they used to, but as long as they maintain a large and loyal fan base, they’re better off than most. And even with interest fading, Foursquare has some heavy-hitters on their side including American Express, Bing and McDonalds.

Latest Google “Think Quarterly” Focuses on Creativity

Google does a lot of different things. It’s safe to say that we have all figured that much out over time.

What is most interesting from the company at times though has nothing to do with search or social. Their “Think Quarterly” publication from the UK office of Google is just one of those things.

The focus of the latest issue is creativity and it’s an interesting read, so check out the latest issue and see for yourself.

Sometimes it’s good to see a company from a different point of view. This will certainly provide that for you. Enjoy.

Defining the Millennial Market Is Not As Clear Cut As You Might Think

Millennials make up a very large part of the world of today and their influence is only going to increase as the years roll by.

The Boston Consulting Group has conducted research that looks at this enigmatic group of people (which is almost 80 million strong in the US alone) that range in age from 16-34 years old. The study is very interesting and if there is an overarching theme to takeaway from the information it’s that you should be cautious not to clump all millennials into one neat package.

In fact the report (which you can get here but you will need to register) breaks the group into six smaller ones, all of which we have probably seen to one degree or another.