Wayin Makes Twitter Voting Easy with TwitPolls

Which is your favorite flavor? Which color should we make next? Which team is going to take the title?

If you’ve ever posted a question like this to Twitter, you’re going to love the new service from Wayin. It’s called TwitPolls and it’s a simple way to count up votes via Twitter.

The secret is in the hashtag. Each possible answer gets a hashtag of its own (which means you’re limited on the number of choices). When someone replies using one of the tags, it’s automatically added to a traditional poll chart.

Here’s an example page:

Tom Jessiman, CEO of Wayin said in a press release,

‘Don’t Trust the B-‘ Pushes the Boundaries of Branding

ABC just launched a new comedy series titled Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23. Even without the missing letters, it’s pretty clear to all of use what the “B” represents, especially after you’ve seen two minutes of the show.

Standards being what they are, ABC can’t write in those extra letters and it’s probably just as well. Written out, the title would be very harsh, but with the mysterious “B–“, it’s quirky and cute.

According to CNN, the show’s cast didn’t believe it at first and then they got totally behind the title.

Says star Krysten Ritter,

“If I say ‘Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23.’ If it’s ‘Apartment 23,’ I have to explain way more. It makes my life so much easier!”

US Smartphone Users and Shopping: When They Are Checking Is Critical

We are quite aware of the phenomenon of smartphone use to help the shopping process for consumers. Price comparisons, deal hunting and availability are all areas where a consumer can use their smartphone to gain advantage over retailers. Add to that the idea of “showrooming” where retail stores are used to see physical products then those items are ordered online or purchased elsewhere, and retailers have a sticky situation in the mobile shopping world.

First, just what percentage of folks are using their smartphones to shop in the US? A study by Leo J. Shapiro and Associates as reported by eMarketer shows the following

With 2/3 of the respondents saying they use smartphones to help them shop that should be enough to make retailers stand up and take notice.

Radio Holds Firm With Brighter Forecast for Future

You may be wondering why Marketing Pilgrim, the Internet News blog, is talking about radio. Especially that silly old school over the air radio.

Well, it’s like this. One thing we understand and need everyone else to at least consider is that while the online space is certainly the most intense growth area for marketers and it is going to be a significant part of the future, there are still other very viable channels for marketers to consider.

We see a bit too much of the “online v. offline” marketing talk rather the smarter and more effective “online plus offline” discussions. A report from BIA/Kelsey reminded us that radio is still alive and may even have some growth on the horizon. Take a look for yourself.

LinkedIn Adds Ability to Target Follower Updates

On Facebook, you follow a brand because you like it, but do you follow companies you like on LinkedIn? The B2B social network sure hopes so and they’re working to make those follow connections more meaningful.

This week, LinkedIn began rolling out two new products for marketers. The first is called Targeted Updates. This is the ability to send updates to only a specific portion of your follower list. New product announcements to buyers, software updates to users, job announcements to college grads who don’t already work for your company, etc.

To go along with this, they’ve launching Follower Statistics, a self-service look at who is sharing and engaging with your content.

Right now, these services are only available to the chose few, (Sound familiar?) but soon (?) they’ll be rolled out to the masses.

YouTube Adds Paywall Option to Live Stream Events

In honor of the first anniversary of the program, You Tube has just added monetization options to YouTube Live. This includes the ability to charge a pay-per-view fee and serve up in-stream ads.

To make the service even more friendlier, YouTube has added better analytics and free Wirecast software. With Wirecast, you can customize the live feed with multicamera effects, overlays and b-roll right from the computer.

YouTube Live is a big step forward for a site that is still mostly known for random, short-form content. With the Live option, partners can invite the world (sort of) to watch a concert, a red carpet, a sporting event, or conference. But why has it taken them so long to move into this arena?

Google+ Updates Navigation and Other Features

OK, I admit it. I must look like a freakin’ hypocrite when it comes to Google+. I have complained that they are forcing it down our throats yet now, at this very moment, I am about to tell you about updates to the service.

For clarification, updates to the product are fine and need to be shared as such. Google forcing Google+ on everyone through every service at every chance is the trouble spot. I suspect that won’t help much but at least I said it.

So on to the Google+ updates. First, in the post on the Google blog there is mention of 170 million people having “upgraded’ to Google+. Not exactly sure what that means but most will only see the number and assume that Google+ is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. Google is also standing by its “simpler and more beautiful Google” mantra as well, which is their prerogative. But on to the improvements. Take a look here.