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Marketing has never been that easy.

Before the days of the Internet, marketers had to become adept at what I’ll call “The Marketing Two Step”. That’s where you would get into a meeting and someone would ask “So what has this campaign done for our business?” At this point the marketing professional started a vaudevillian like routine talking about eyeballs and mind share and how it all likely connected to the bottom line if you really thought about it. Ba-doom! followed by a cymbal crash.

Today, in the world of the Internet where everything can be measured out the ying-yang, it’s not much easier. Why? Because in order to get the information that people come to expect from marketing campaigns, there needs to be ability to juggle multiple tools in order to get the data. At least that’s how most marketers see it these days based on a study done by PointRoll and Kelton Research as reported by eMarketer. Take a look at the number of tools the average marketer uses to execute a campaign.

Just over 60% of marketers used 5 or more tools with 13% coming in at 10 or more tools for just one campaign! That’s not an easy task since most of these tools come from different vendors and the integration of the data across platforms needs to be completed in a dotted line fashion by the marketer.

As a result, we can often find marketers reverting back to the old Marketing Two Step and trying to explain the connection or cause or correlation or whatever that makes someone hearing the report (and stroking the checks for the budget) feel like they are investing in something that contributes to the bottom line. So while it’s more measurable these days, that by no means is an indicator that things are easier. In fact, it could be quite the contrary.

What tools do you use to measure your marketing campaign effectiveness? How do you marry disparate parts together to get the true picture of your campaign’s performance? Let us know in the comments.

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