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It’s a typical day on Pinterest. 40 Ways to Tie a Scarf, romantic fashions from Ralph Lauren, Fun Cinco de Mayo pinata cookies, DIY baby pictures, and the Boston F$#% Celtics!

Pinterest, it’s not just for women anymore.

Mashable says the NBA is stepping up their social media game in time for the 2012 playoffs. The expansion will include a Tumblr page and yes, a Pinterest page. They’ll be asking fans to upload photos of their favorite places to shoot hoops. I expect we’ll see just as many office trashcans as actual basketball hoops and that’s what makes it a fun idea.

Other ideas:

The NBA’s Pinterest profile will be primarily devoted to two strategies. The first: ecommerce, featuring throwback apparel tied to the NBA calendar, for example. The second: quirky characters, odd hairstyles and other moments and storylines that make the NBA so fun to follow beyond the basketball court.

Cute. But again I say, Pinterest? At the risk of sounding sexist, 68% of Pinterest’s users are female. A report from Scarbourough shows that 38% of NBA fans are female. Not a bad percentage, but I imagine they’re after more than that with the Pinterest account, they’re expecting men to post there. Good luck with that.

On the other hand, Tumblr is only slightly more female than male, but the important demographic on that site is the age range. 18-24’s have a lock on the place with the 25 to 34’s also coming in slightly above the internet average. Pulling in that young audience is essential if they want to have a banner year.

Last year, the playoffs broke viewer records, making cable net TNT very, very, happy. Will it be a repeat this year? So far, so good say the experts. Recent games have matched or exceeded last year’s numbers, now all the NBA has to do is keep the ball moving.

What do you think of the NBA meets Pinterest marketing strategy? Total genius, or just another case of a big brand feeling the need to follow the trend?