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We are becoming an increasingly mobile online culture (for those who can afford to be) and social options like Twitter know that their own success lies in making sure marketers who will pay for advertising, will want to use their service to reach their audience. Twitter sees this more than most since they are still under fire to truly generate revenue that matches the expectations of many.

One way they can attract advertisers is to increase the level of control and they have done that with introducing the ability to choose which platforms advertisers can place Promoted Tweets. Here is a look at the choices.

The assumption here is that users of the various platforms are very different types so they can receive certain messages. It’s also a way for Twitter to help advertisers not waste money by throwing their messages to those who may not even be in the ballpark as possible buyers.

Of course there is so much more to defining a great target for advertising messages and this is certainly an interesting approach. Twitter has had a mobile advertising option for a short while now but that relegated to iOS and Android devices. Now with the addition of the Blackberry platform the mobile advertising picture is almost complete (will mobile Windows devices get the same chance?)

Here is more from the Twitter blog

Promoted Tweets on BlackBerry will be displayed at or near the top of the timelines of a brand’s followers and users with interests similar to the brand’s followers. Promoted Tweets will appear in a BlackBerry user’s timeline only once and can be dismissed, mirroring the experience on

Promoted Tweets on BlackBerry and the ability to target campaigns to specific devices and platforms will help brands more easily connect to Twitter users —anywhere, anytime.

While we talk about this option primarily in the mobile realm notice that the first option is the desktop and laptop set. Let’s not forget that while we are a mobile society, many are still chained to desks and computers for a go part of their life. It’s not a pleasant though but it’s real.

So how do you envision this ability to break out Promoted Tweets by platform helping your marketing efforts? Does this kind of segmentation make sense for your needs?

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