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What retailer, would you say, is the most dependable? Reflects your personal values? Is a store you’re proud to mention to your friends?

Brodeur Partners asked 2,000 shoppers these questions and Amazon came out on top again and again. They even scored in the top two for “sensory relevance,” which deals with a store’s atmosphere and appeal. Yes, the store that doesn’t even have a “store” came in second behind Target.

Here are the top ten stores:

Jerry Johnson, Brodeur’s executive vice president of strategic planning said in a press release,

“The case of highlights the incredible power of e-commerce in the retail world of today. It shows how technology can move a retailer from specialty online bookstore to one that people view as more practical and value-driven than Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer.”

Where Wal-Mart really falls short is in the “social relevance” category. The criteria here was “the store you’re most proud to be associated with and is an experience you want to share.” Wal-Mart may draw them in with their low prices and wide range of everyday items, but they aren’t exactly trendy. Of all the stores listed, Wal-Mart has the reputation of being low-brow. A place for the uneducated masses (don’t send letters, I’m just talking perception, not reality.) Brodeur’s study also shows that Wal-Marts numbers drop drastically when you look only at responses from Gen Y shoppers. No big surprise there.

But Wal-Mart is lucky. Which big box retailer is missing from this list? I’ll give you a hint — Craftsman.

Sears came in 14th with a score of 4.8.

The other surprise is that Apple made the list, hanging in there with Macy’s Best Buy and Costco. Pretty amazing for a company that only sells their own products.

The takeaway here is that, unless you’re Amazon, you can’t be all things to all people. The companies that came out on top excelled in one or two areas which brought up their overall score. Target isn’t a store people want to align themselves with publicly, but they appreciate the merchandizing style which is always colorful and upbeat. Costco stores are set up for practicality not beauty, but the values trump all.

Take a look at your brand and compare it to your competitors. Where do you fit in? Are you the low price leader? The cool, trendy place to shop? Or do you have the most bells and whistles. As long as you’re hitting in at least two of these areas, you should make out just fine.