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The free sample has been used to tempt grocery shoppers since the invention of the toothpick, yet many of today’s marketers are reluctant to give anything away. Apps, ebooks, access — you gotta give a little and if you do, you’ll get a lot.

iYogi just released a new study and infographic all about the power of the Freemium model. Their results show that 100% of the people they surveyed have tried a Freemium product and 42% have gone on to pay for it.

Certain categories fared better than others as you can see from this slice of the full infographic:

Online security and movie services such as Netflix and Hulu were voted most likely to succeed. Music services, not so much. Only 26% said they were willing to fork out money for games after trying them. I think those people are kidding themselves.

There’s a lot of competition out there. With mobile devices in hand, folks can now choose from a nearly unlimited list of products and services that entertain, inform, or help them do what they need to do faster and better. If you truly believe your product is the best one, then you should have no qualms about giving away a limited day trial or a partial access trial.

iYogi says it best with this line from their report: “If it can’t ‘sell’ for free, can it ever sell at all?” The freemium model doesn’t just benefit the customer, it’s a built-in focus group that will help you make your product the best it can be.