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Do you remember when phones couldn’t do anything but make phone calls? With every passing month, we’re adding more and more functionality to our mobile phones and it’s good for everybody’s business. Games, shopping, directions, news — we can even have our phones nag us when we forget to do something. About the only thing our phones can’t do is transport us to another location. . . someday. .  . someday.

In the meantime, it’s apps that are occupying our mobile minutes. 82% of our media time is spent with these mini-programs and there’s no end in sight.

comScore put together a list of the top apps and I have to say, I was surprised by a few of them. Take a look.

First off, check out Android with the most unique visitors. You wouldn’t know it with the way Apple’s always shouting. After that, search is more important to Android users, but both have a stake in not getting lost. Percentage wise, more iPhone users are checking out Facebook and a lot more are using YouTube. What’s that all about?

Stocks and Music are hot with iPhone users while Android users go for Cooliris (an app that combines media with email and sharing) and they’re bigger fans of Angry Birds. Finally, it’s nice to see that a quarter of the users on both sides are enriching their vocabulary with Words.

Taken as a whole there’s an interesting trend — in that there is no trend. The apps on this list represent everything from practical tools to entertainment, video, photos, games and social media. The only thing missing is shopping. For that you need to look at the combined mobile app and mobile browsing numbers. Then Amazon comes in fourth with 44,028 unique visitors for March. They were beaten only by Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Ebay also made the combined list as did game company Zynga.

Apps are busting out all over. If you can create a tool that helps mobile phone users do anything faster, better or simply make it more fun, then you’ll be in the money, too.