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A few weeks ago I heard some SEO friends talking about how an SEO they know of had screwed over a bunch of his clients. After talking with them a bit more it also sounded like this same SEO didn’t know very much about SEO at all. It got me thinking about a strange phenomenon I have witnessed in the field of marketing.

If you are bad at marketing, there’s a high probability that you are also a scumbag. Think about all of the jerks you have met in marketing, now ask yourself, were they good marketers? Probably not. This odd reality seems to only be true in marketing though. For example you can be a really horrible plumber and also a really nice guy at the same time. You can be an amazing dentist, but a huge jerk as well.

Now of course there are always the exceptions to the rule. But by and large I haven’t found many for this one. Even when I worked off the internet, I would meet lots of traditional marketing and sales people, some could market anything they wanted, and others couldn’t sell anything. Can you guess which was better company at the local pub?

But of course here at Marketing Pilgrim we don’t talk about bad marketing. What’s the point in that? So now let’s ask ourselves, “why are good marketers not scumbags?” Why do good marketers have more friends? Why do good marketers always treat those around them well?

When I worked in real estate the broker-in-charge always use to tell his agents that when they are talking to a potential client, let them do most of the talking, and listen carefully. This week I worked a lead that came in through one of my web sites. I emailed them back and tried to gather as much information as possible. I then sent them a quote and waited. A day later they responded with some questions about the quote. I decided to take this to the next level and call them on the phone.

We talked for about 30 minutes. I started out by asking them a few questions, they answered and I kept listening. They went on to talk more about what they were trying to do online, and what they needed. I asked them a few more questions and they talked some more. Through out the call they did most of the talking and I listened very carefully and only responded with relevant information. By the time I got off the phone I had closed a deal with them that was 4 times larger than the original quote. That is good marketing.

Good marketing means sympathizing with your audience. Good marketing means understanding people. Good marketing means making people feel good about the decisions they make or are going to make with your help. Good marketing means not being a scumbag, because, good marketing is being a human being first and a business second.
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