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Experian and comScore Differ on Whether Bing Search Has 30% Share

Many people see the 30% of overall search share for Bing as a milestone of sorts. Of course, it is still taking Yahoo and Bing’s combined shares to compete with Google but we’re pretty used to that by now.

So what’s the verdict? Well, if you like Experian’s Hitwise, Bing has hit the magic number with a combined 30.1% market share for April 2012 while Google gave up ground.

But stop the presses! comScore says “just wait a hot minute!”. They are recording that Yahoo has slipped in share for the eighth consecutive month while Google is holding steady. Ouch!

These numbers show a combined share number of 28.9%. In the end, it’s all of a 1 percentage point difference but perception is reality, right? I have always felt that when Bing hits 40% of the market then we really have something to talk about. In the meantime, we are left with these monthly search non-events.

What is your take here? At what point does Google really need to be concerned? Is it now or at some point in the future or not at all?