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According to a post from Inside Facebook, the social media giant has created new levels of interaction for admins. No longer is any admin allowed to have access and control over any section of a Facebook page. Now, at least, the duties can be broken down by several categories as you can see from the chart below.

The post from Inside Facebook reported

Facebook first announced that it would offer five levels of admin access at the Facebook Marketing Conference in February, but at the time it did not explain what the different roles would be. For now, page owners cannot change the privileges associated with the roles above. For example, an advertiser cannot create posts as the page unless they are changed to a content creator — though doing so also gives them the ability to respond to fans through comments or private messages. Still, these roles seem to cover the needs of most pages.

The default setting is still for the manager role which allows for the admin to do everything (just like the current system). Now, at least, there is an option to give different people different access based on their different roles.