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Facebook is about to go public with what will be one of the most discussed, examined and hyped IPO’s in history. We are all pretty fed up familiar with that story.

If you have been watching Facebook as of late, they are acting like a person who is entertaining a large group of people at their house and realized that it needed some serious clean-up work to be truly presentable. The latest effort to tidy up for money lenders is the introduction of the new ‘Terms and Policies Hub‘. In a nutshell, it’s the place where the myriad terms and conditions, privacy policies and the like reside. Mashable reports

Facebook, infamous for its changing policies and confusion among users about what they’re getting themselves into when they use the world’s largest social network, has finally aggregated all its terms and policies under the same roof.

That roof — — contains, in the words of Facebook, “Everything you need to know, all in one place.” The Facebook Terms and Policies Hub, as it’s called, is clear and easy to navigate, with headlined links and sub-headlines. However, all of these links actually lead to a lot of information.

Infamous is a fair word to use when it comes to Facebook and policies, wouldn’t you say?

Facebook could have done something like this years ago to look more transparent to their all-important users but they didn’t. Why? I can only speculate but when I do I go to a dark place. They worked very hard over the past 8 years to put together the user base that would net them the payday they are about to get. ‘They’ can be read as Mark Zuckerberg in this case.

To get people to ‘buy in’ Facebook put up the front on many occasions that the were concerned about their users’ privacy but let’s face it, they’re not. They never have been and, in the process, we have all learned to accept it as ‘just the way it is’.

I am not begrudging Facebook their ‘success’. There will be many millionaires minted on the actual IPO date (and a few billionaires as well) and that was the goal all along. Facebook’s team has accomplished that. Along the way, though, they have established a new level of ‘do whatever it takes’ thinking that has made online business a seedier place than it used to be (and that’s saying something).

Look at what the latest app darling, Socialcam is doing to get numbers that will attract a buyer with deep pockets. They are positioned as a service that helps share user generated content through the app. Well, that takes some time for people to actually do that so rather than wait they are simply stealing taking YouTube videos that are obviously not new and passing them off as something Socialcam helped create. In other words, they are lying. Why are they doing it? To get traction so they can get bought and make money. How are they doing it? On the backs of growing hordes of unsuspecting accomplices in their video spamming empire. And for what? The money, not the improvement of the web experience. They are simply following Facebook’s lead and it will probably end in a big payday for a select few.

Facebook has created a business environment that says it’s OK to push the limits far beyond that of decency and good taste. Why? Because it is rewarded with power and lots of money.

Eight years of playing loose with people’s privacy is now neatly summed up and prettied up for the people visiting with large sums of money. Kind of convenient, isn’t it? But it’s all in the interest of the user, right? C’mon, we can’t be that gullible now, can we?