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Google+ Hangouts are one of the more compelling features of Google’s social outlet. In fact, many would argue that it’s the main differentiator that, if utilized more, could make more people understand just what Google has to offer for the social media inclined.

Last year Google used a small group to test Google+ Hangouts on Air which is essentially a way to broadcast your Hangout live and record them to YouTube. Enough said. Here is a video from Google

In theory this is a pretty cool deal. If you are excited about it, however, you may have to wait before this roll-out makes it to you. From Google in their post about this service

Of course, launching millions of live stations takes some doing, so we’re rolling out Hangouts On Air gradually, over the next few weeks.

Google provided one more video which is more on the marketing side showing some of the Hangouts on Air that have been done already.

Having all of this interconnected to your YouTube account is powerful and it is a prime example of the “ecosystem” that Google has the capability of creating through its various properties.

The competition in these various spaces fears this kind of integration so don’t be surprised if there isn’t some kind of lame legal concern cropping up in the short term. I say that almost out of habit because Google can’t do much of anything these days without springing a lawyer into action. These are dark days we live in for sure.

What do you think about the potential of this offering for your business or for your life in general?