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Whether anyone would like to admit it completely or not, because of the need to perform in Google’s search results, the search engine, at least indirectly, dictates how websites should be built. Fun things like Flash were vilified because of the havoc it caused in being properly seen by Google. There are probably many more examples that you folks who build sites could come up with as well (feel free to share them in the comments if you feel the need to vent).

Today (maybe to clear up some concerns?), Google has issued The Google HTML and CSS Style Guide. From the post on the Webmaster Central blog we get

Our HTML and CSS Style Guide, just like other Google style guides, deals with a lot of formatting-related matters. It also hints at best practices so to encourage developers to go beyond indentation. Many style guide authors know the underlying motivation from the question whether to describe the code they write—or to prescribe what code they want to write. Not surprisingly then, in our HTML and CSS style guide you’ll find both (as much as you’ll still find a lot of different development styles in our not entirely small code base).

The post doesn’t go into any detail and even points out that the intent is to simply introduce the style guide and that the folks at Google “hope to share more about its design decisions and future updates with you.”

Not exactly definitive is it? Well, if this is something that will interest you, you may also want to check out the other Google style guides as well. Happy reading!