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HootSuite has announced the release of HootSuite Teams which will help businesses more easily manage the total social media presence across larger groups involved in day to day management of SM accounts.

All Facebook reports

Social media management platform HootSuite is looking to carve its niche into the business market with today’s launch of HootSuite Teams, a suite of tools designed to further collaboration within businesses.

HootSuite said its corporate clients have tripled over the past year, with its social media dashboard now in use at two-thirds of the Fortune 100 companies, and adding that it has seen social media teams at companies expand from one specialist to hundreds at some firms, with an average of 23.

Not to be outdone by Google, HootSuite put together a video to promote the service. Google product video producers should not feel threatened, however, since this video is well, not exactly designed to walk one through the tool.

Did you get what this tool really does from that video? If you did then you are like, really smart. All Facebook summed it up here.

HootSuite Teams will allow companies’ social media teams to:

Use its scheduling features to plan social media campaigns months in advance.

Limit which company employees can post what to which social networks, enabling powerful permission settings and global top-down controls.

Build social media teams by department, product line, or region.

Post across Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks as a cohesive team.

Assign incoming social media messages to team members for them to follow up on.

The Hoot Suite blog goes into a bit greater detail as well so you may want to visit.

Marketers are clamoring for tools that make management of the whole social media landscape something that is a bit more manageable and understandable. Will Hoot Suite Teams be the ticket? Time will tell. One thing for sure is that with as many people that use Hoot Suite already this will be an easier sale than if this tool came from anywhere else.

Are you interested in Hoot Suite Teams?