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Normally we don’t pay too much attention to browser wars. After all, it is practically conventional wisdom that the once dominant Internet Explorer from Microsoft has lost its advantage. Actually that advantage was once a vice like grip on the lead in the browser wars because of Microsoft’s death grip on the desktop PC.

Fast forward to a world that is less about the desktop, more about the cloud and most about the services available in the cloud and you get the chart below that shows one week (based on data from StatCounter and no one else so do with it what you want) and we see Chrome moving ahead of IE.

This moment in time has apparently happened before as reported by The Next Web

Statcounter first found Chrome to be ahead for just one day, back on March 18, and its breakdown of browser usage over May to date puts Chrome and IE almost neck-and-neck at around 33 percent for the month. However, given that last week saw Chrome push ahead, May could become the first month during which the Google-owned browser has been the most popular option.

While this is a nice moment it is certainly not a trend. Microsoft’s IE 9 has been out for over a year now and seems to be more likable than past IE versions. Firefox is marrying up with Twitter with Do Not Track capabilities to separate itself. That said, this is not over but if Chrome were to become the dominant browser in just four short years it would be a significant victory for Google and a pretty big loss for Microsoft.

Now, let your mind go to a scary place. Imagine Chrome increasing in market share and Google deciding to really start to pushing Google+ in ways we have yet to imagine. What those ways might be I really have not given much thought to yet. I am sure Google is working hard to make sure Google+ integration is not forgotten on anything they do. If they can claim the lead i the browser wars do you really think that won’t go unused in its attempts to make Google+ something more than it is now? Now it just depends as to what level they will ratchet up their efforts. With Facebook becoming who they now are after their IPO, Google better be ready for a fight.

What is our browser of choice? Why? Let us know in the comments.