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A recent study by Viacom states that tablet users are most comfortable using their tablets in their homes. In fact, the number is 74% of the time. Why do you suppose that is?

Well, most tablets are Wifi only devices so it’s portability is somewhat limited. Of course, if you want to go to any room in a home with a Wifi connection that’s no problem. Of the most common rooms the study showed we see from eMarketer

Notice how the use goes down as you reach rooms where it is less likely to have a TV. No science there just an observation.

Now, what about the 25% of the time that the tablet leaves the property? Well, no real surprises here.

I want to meet those who bring it to a sporting event. Have you done that? If so let us know why.

Tablets are becoming more and more ubiquitous for sure. As a result, marketers have to give serious consideration as to how their online efforts render on a tablet. Right now (and, let’s just say it, for the foreseeable future) the iPad is going to be the tablet of choice. Android tablets have had a very hard time getting traction. The roughly 50 / 50 split that occurs in the smartphone market does not occur in the tablet market at all. Remember how hot the Kindle Fire was when it rolled out? The numbers for it have cooled off considerably while iPad sales continue to soar.

Have you fine tuned your marketing to meet the needs of this growing market segment? Are you making any specific tweaks to your offerings that are aimed specifically at the tablet crowd? If so tell us in the comments.