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On May 26, 2011 (that’s American for 26 May 2011) the UK put new laws into affect governing the use of cookies on websites. Online companies were given a year to comply and that year is almost up.

So how are they doing?

Not so good. According to a poll by the UK DMA, 47% of UK marketers aren’t confident that they’ve met the requirements. The confusion lies in what exactly constitutes “consent” from the consumer.

Further results make it clear that many marketers are simply closing their eyes and hoping for the best.

The report states that 3 in 5 marketers don’t even have a plan to deal with the law and 79% haven’t communicated the changes to their visitors on their websites.

Why aren’t they complying? It’s not for lack of want. It’s dollars (or pounds) and sense. In addition to the confusion over the requirements, poll responders said the new law will cost them between £10,000 and £100,000 to comply.

Sounds like the majority of marketers would prefer to continue as they always have and hope they don’t get caught. I get it, but it’s a scary way to run a business.

If you’re in the UK and you need help, the DMA has a series of guides that can help you get compliant.