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In April 2012, 210 million Americans spent time browsing the web, up from 194.8 million in April 2011. Not bad. Not bad.

According to Nielsen, the same properties are still pulling more than their share of visitors. The order remains the same as last month, but there was a slight drop in visitors overall.

Now let’s look at last year:

First off, notice that Nielsen has stop using the lovely blue borders. I wish they’d go back to them, they made the chart easier to read. Turning now to the numbers, you can see the hefty increase for Google, and there’s Facebook claiming the numbers Google had back in 2011. And look at YouTube jumping from 106 million to 125 million.

Now bump over a column to the time on site. Facebook jumped up from 6 hours and 23 minutes to 7 hours and 9 minutes. In time on task, they’re crushing every other site. For me, the surprise is that YouTube is only holding visitors for an hour and some change. Makes me think people aren’t really latching on to the long form content the offer. (Yes, they offer full-length movies, did you know that?)

Overall, it’s good news for online marketers. Sure, there was a slight decline over last month, but in general, folks are extremely attached to the internet and they’re going to keep on visiting — hopefully your website will be on their list of stops.