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We Challenge You To Take a Day Off this Holiday Weekend

Earlier today, Frank wrote about his plans to spend this Memorial Day weekend sharing time with his family and remembering those who gave their lives in service of our country. I say, good for him. And good for you, if that’s what you’ll be doing, too.

However, I suspect that many of you (me included) will spend at least part of the weekend working. We’ll say it’s because we have to, because business will suffer if we don’t, because it’s expected, because we won’t get paid if we don’t work, because it’s a sacrifice you have to make when you run a business. . . and on and on.

The truth is, for most of us, our businesses will function just fine if we turn off the phones and the email for one day.

Would You Pay More for Mobile in the Sky? Survey Says No!

We’re very attached to our mobile phones. I don’t know about where you live, but here in Southern California it’s common to see people talking or texting while shopping, walking, driving, even while watching a movie (in spite of those clever ads made to make you shut it off.)

But as much as we love our phones, there’s one place where people are saying no — that’s in the sky.

A survey from flight comparisons site Skyscanner reveals that 86% of people are against mobile phones on airplanes. They say it would be ‘annoying to have to listen to other people’s conversations.’

This Weekend Will You Reflect on Facebook’s IPO or Those Who Served?

The news this week has been dominated to the point of nausea by the Facebook IPO. Conspiracy theories are running rampant as are accusations, as are threats, as are lawsuits, as are opinions, as are just about everything else one can imagine.

Did Facebook, who supposedly lives to give the world a voice, also only live to give big money more big money by effectively cutting the little guy (i.e. most of its users) out of the IPO information trail? Did Facebook and Morgan Stanley essentially conspire to mislead investors as to how well Facebook is, or is not doing?

Nearly Half of UK Marketers are Unprepared for Cookie Deadline

On May 26, 2011 (that’s American for 26 May 2011) the UK put new laws into affect governing the use of cookies on websites. Online companies were given a year to comply and that year is almost up.

So how are they doing?

Not so good. According to a poll by the UK DMA, 47% of UK marketers aren’t confident that they’ve met the requirements. The confusion lies in what exactly constitutes “consent” from the consumer.

Further results make it clear that many marketers are simply closing their eyes and hoping for the best.

The report states that 3 in 5 marketers don’t even have a plan to deal with the law and 79% haven’t communicated the changes to their visitors on their websites.

Tablet Ownership is Up 54%. You Know Who is #1, But Who is #2?

Here we are again, folks, time to look at the facts presented in another Millennial Media Mobile Mix. This time, it’s the report for Q1 2012. And you know what I look forward to most about these reports? The covers. I mean it. These things are always amusing. Have a think on this one:

Now, down to business. Tablets are the big story this quarter. Ownership rose 54% year-over-year bringing the total to 106 million. That number is expected to keep climbing at a steady rate, hitting 198 million in 2016.

Apple iPad is number one (no surprise there) but who is number two? The Samsung Galaxy Tab. This little work horse has pushed the Amazon Kindle Fire into third place. Coming around the bend is the Motorola Xoom followed close behind by the BlackBerry Playbook!

Big Brands View Local Ads As Big ROI Opportunities

Many smaller locally based businesses find big ROI on advertising to be elusive. It could be that many are not measuring effectively or that many simply don’t have the resources to track efforts like one would think they should.

Not so with big national brands and their local advertising efforts. National advertisers expect serious returns. Of course, who doesn’t want big returns on their advertising efforts or at least desire them, right?

According to the folks from Balihoo, which is a local marketing automation provider, whatever the return expected most national brands are not earmarking large percentages of their budgets for local. eMarketer shared the data