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Here we are again, folks, time to look at the facts presented in another Millennial Media Mobile Mix. This time, it’s the report for Q1 2012. And you know what I look forward to most about these reports? The covers. I mean it. These things are always amusing. Have a think on this one:

Now, down to business. Tablets are the big story this quarter. Ownership rose 54% year-over-year bringing the total to 106 million. That number is expected to keep climbing at a steady rate, hitting 198 million in 2016.

Apple iPad is number one (no surprise there) but who is number two? The Samsung Galaxy Tab. This little work horse has pushed the Amazon Kindle Fire into third place. Coming around the bend is the Motorola Xoom followed close behind by the BlackBerry Playbook!

Tablets now account for 20% of mobile ad impressions up from 15% over last year. Not a bad little leap for a product that is seen as more of a luxury than a necessity. But tablets are becoming increasingly mainstream, even on TV. We’ve always seen them on Star Trek but now we see them being used on America’s Top Model, too.

Looking at apps, Games took the number one slot, growing 10% over last quarter. Music & Entertainment come in second, social media third. The Mobile Mix notes a big jump up for Sports thanks to apps that let you follow The Super Bowl, March Madness, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This trend should continue with the Olympics coming up in the summer.

Want all the Mobile Mix news? You can download the quarterly report for free by clicking right here.